The haberdashmash creation process has been honed in-house and is more akin to how a sculptor or artist would work. Our facinators and tiny top hats are individual pieces of art work, never to be replicated. We are an Eco-responsible company and where possible we use vintage/pre-loved/re-purposed materials. The textiles industry is wasteful and unsustainable, we wish to be part of the solution and this is how we do it.

Our hats are moulded from strong sheets of insulation foam, taken from redundant roll ends which otherwise would be destined for landfill.  This eco-friendly option ensures your finished product is strong and light weight, perfect for hats and fascinators. The insulation itself is designed for use is bathrooms and kitchens so is fire proof and non-toxic.

The foam is stretched and moulded around our own bespoke, hand made hat blocks. Haberdashmash hat blocks are also made from upcycled materials, we pride ourselves on re-using every type of material, where-ever we can, through each stage of the process. Glass jars, pots and pans, brick and off cuts of wood are amongst some of the unlikely treasures utilised in the hat making process at haberdashmash.

Once finished the ‘skeleton’ of each piece is lined with plain up-cycled materials. The insulation foam we use is either black or grey and needs to be covered! Soft furnishings such as upholstery cloth or curtain lining are perfect for this purpose. Once sourced all materials are cleaned thoroughly, the original stitching is un-picked by hand and the piece is ironed. We repair any defects until the cloth is restored to its original glory. This is a labour intensive process but well worth it.

Then this is where the fun starts and the finished product starts to take shape. To get to this point can take up to two days, worth keeping in mind if you wish to commission a piece. The prepped ‘canvas’ is adorned with the outer materials. We have a large range of pre-processed (in -house) materials in stock taken from up-cycled clothes, soft furnishings and costume jewellery. We appreciate a pretty pattern or luxurious material regardless of its original form. We harvest buttons, beads, ribbon and wool wherever we see them. For example a once unloved cardigan could half fill a button jar and give birth to a whole new ball of re-usable wool. Have you ever unravelled a jumper? It is strangely satisfying. An old arm chair is a goldmine of resource; think coverings, think underlay, think padding. A necklace of ‘ugly beads’ once liberated from its string can be used in many pieces, just as they are or as a mould for the centre of a larger project, a chunky bead looks fabulous once bejewelled or  covered in Saturn then varnished…… you get the idea.

Our hats and fascinators are mounted on new head bands and clips for hygiene reasons. For your comfort most of the top hats are secured with well-placed wig combs. You needn’t worry about that crazy gust of wind, once secured your fascinator/hat will not move! Without exception our large pieces are hand stitched into place, ensuring your head gear is strong and unlikely to fall apart or break easily. We use stronger materials such as up-cycled wool or ribbon during this process the finished product is well made and will endure!

For commission work we encourage you to ‘re-awake that keepsake’. If you would like to personalise your piece feel free to send us your own material, we can even process the garment for you and up-cycle that old dress/cushion/costume jewellery into something unique which you will love for years to come.